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T-Shirt Treasures

Everything you need to know  to hook beautiful, durable, economical and machine washable rugs using T-shirts!

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Writer's Digest Self Publishing Book Awards writes:

The author gives a thorough, easy to understand look at a lesser known fiber art. The author's skill and passion for the subject is clear and draws readers in. While the book is mostly how-to oriented, it also covers history and craft supply issue, adding depth to the content. The wide range of sample rugs allows readers to see all the possible projects they could tackle. The author's insider tips and experience make this book so much more value than basic how to books or internet instructions. While the book mostly focuses on rugs and flat projects, it also shows how to make three dimensional pieces like stuffed animals. The award-winning DVD is a great help for those now to this art form who like to learn in a way that is both visual and auditory; the DVD captures the quaint feel of this art.                          
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Rug Hooking Magazine (Jan/Feb 2014) writes:                    

This fun, colorful book-- a follow-up to the author's previous title, Joy of Hooking (With Yarn!)-- presents techniques for hooking with yarn that go beyond the basics; various methods of dyeing yarn, using handspun and natural yarns, getting fine detail and more. Six projects, with full-size patterns and detailed instructions and tips, give readers a chance to try out the techniques they've learned. The book includes a refresher on basic rug hooking techniques, and 11 featured artist sections that look at the work of rug hookers from across Canada (and the U.S.), with even more examples and creative ideas for using yarn in hooked rugs. 

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Old Books, 17"x32" Designed and hooked with recycled T-shirts by Judy Taylor
Save That Rug! A How-To Guide for Repairing Hooked Rugs                   
You know how there was a baby boom during the 20th century? Well, there was a rug boom, too, and many of those rugs have, shall we say, matured, and are in need of repair and restoration. 

Whether the rugs were stained, moth-eaten, snagged, cat scratched, dog chewed or worn on the edges, they can all be repaired.

The techniques demonstrated in this book are easy for any experienced rug hooker to try. Let's face it, the rugs we make today are going to outlive us. I'd like to know that there will be people around who can repair my rugs when I'm long gone. 

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Ten Thousand Loops, A Contest from Rug Hooking Daily                    
When Rug Hooking Daily, a free, online rug hooking community welcomed its ten thousandth member, it was time for a celebration.

In rug hooking, we have interconnected loops. What better way to describe Rug Hooking Daily?

Each entrant submitted a small rug and a story. The favorites were voted on by Rug Hooking Daily members.

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Hooking With Yarn
Out of print

Do you own a copy of my first book, published by Stackpole Books? Lucky you. Used copies of Hooking With Yarn are trending on Amazon.com at around $70 these days. Pretty good for a book with a cover price of $17.95!

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The Boy Who Wrote Poetry

The Boy Who Wrote Poetry is an inspirational story of a young man, Mark Ford, who followed his dream to write. Although he died tragically at the age of eighteen, he left behind a legacy of poetry that is as transcendent and uplifting today as it was the day he died in 1970. Told through photographs, letters, and interviews with his family and friends, this is the story of a prolific artist who didn't wait to express his voice. Mark said, "This collection of poetry is my own searching for an identity. I write so that I may understand, and so others may understand it, too."

I hope that when my last account is due                                                              Click here to order
That I may cleanse the coarseness from my view
May give so pure a gift of life to youth;
And may the child be wise, at least that day
And realize the depth of truth before
The memory forever fades away; and may
He have the wisdom not to ask for more.